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The Celebration

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The Celebration

The first of the Dogme films released, this film captured the essence of the movement and paved the way for future Dogme films. The movie is centered around a family gathering in celebration of a character’s sixtieth birthday. The gritty realism is in accordance with the Dogme rules and is represented in cinematography and in subject matter. The use of handheld camera work and no special effects serves to give the viewer a sense of being present at the gathering as a member of the family. The experience is that of a real gathering in real time, and creates a believable and reliable paradigm. The focus is on three main characters, two brothers and a sister, and their interactions with the rest of the family and the staff of the hotel where the setting is. The character development is superb as the viewer becomes emotionally involved with them. The story takes a couple unexpected twists and turns, bringing themes of jealousy, revenge, love, and even incest and murder. A must-see for anyone interested in this genre.



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