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Samantha Schwartz

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 3 months ago


This assingment was amazing. Using the WIKI not only enabled us to work harmoniously in a group but it also allowed us to show off our technological skills even if we were not blessed with that gene. Since the WIKI was easy to edit and use, we were able to put up lots of pictures and links which made the information more interesting. I liked how our pages were private so that no one could see our 'work in progress,' but i thought it was annoying when only one person could edit a page at a time. I think using the WIKI was far better than writing a 10 page final because it is more interactive and fun. I thought it was going to take less time, but in the end i think it evens out. There was not that much information about the genre that we chose, so it was hard writing about it but i think the page turned out amazing and people will gain a better understanding of exactly what a Dogme95 film is.

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