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Julien Donkey-boy

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Julien Donkey-boy


Directed by Harmony Korine The sixth of the Dogme films and the first from America, this movie pushed the limits of what can be accepted as a Dogme film. The director does adhere to the rules, but bends them in experimental ways. This film is much more abstract than the earlier Dogme films, for example the grainy and blurry texture of the film as a whole. Also, nondiagenic sound and images, such as polaroids and ambient radio static, are added. Some critics have argued that this added non realistic material takes away from the point of the Dogme creed, but it does display the inner workings of the schizophrenic mind, which is the subject. The film is centered on a paranoid schizophrenic youth and his interactions with his family and environment. Even though the film is a lot more random, weird, and obscure, all the rules were followed and it shows how different artists interpret the Dogme manifesto. A must-see for the fan of experimental film and art.


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